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Purple OG  Shatter is the product of a butane hash oil extraction. It’s achieved through skillful purging of the butane and cannabis solution, often employing the use of a vacuum. The Purple OG shatter is a clear, often yellow or orange hue.

It may be malleable, almost like taffy, or very brittle and easily breakable. Shatter is an extremely potent concentrate. It’s THC content stretches up to 90%, therefore, shatter is a popular remedy for chronic pain and other intractable symptoms.

Content Of Purple OG Shatter

Purple OG Shatter is a Balanced Hybrid: 50% Sativa/50% Indica. THC 76% – 80%, CBD 1%

This popular, potent medical choice is an indica-dominant cross of Purple Kush and Cali OG Kush, both widely loved strains. The exact balance of sativa to indica in this strain isn’t widely known, but it leans heavily in favor of the indica genes. Although Purple OG Kush is said to be extremely strong, available THC numbers don’t entirely back that claim.

Moreover, they top out at around 18% depending on the grading of the flower. That’s powerful, to be sure, but not quite top shelf. CBD numbers, meanwhile, are well below 1%. This marks this strain as a poor choice for treating seizures or other ailments that respond to that substance.

Despite these, this shatter can be used effectively as treatment for chronic pain, lack of appetite, insomnia, depression, and stress. The high mostly physical, is deeply relaxing, spacey, and sleepy, with a pleasing body buzz. A sweet aroma of berries and musk pairs well with the fruity, Kush-like flavor of this strain.

Also, expect dry mouth and dry eyes; other adverse effects include headaches, dizziness, and paranoia. This shatter is popular throughout the American West, from New Mexico to British Columbia. It can also be found at many medical marijuana dispensaries and also appears on the black market.

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Purple OG Shatter


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