Maui Waui strain


Totally mood lifting and very warm feeling. All around great strain.



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The Maui Waui strain (aka Maui Wowie) is a Sativa-dominant hybrid from the Hawaiian Islands that first rose to popularity during the 1970’s. In fact, its popularity grew to the point that nearly all the cannabis that came from the state was given the same name.

The first thing that turned me on to the Maui Strain was the distinct aroma of tropical fruit, but this particular batch didn’t carry quite the same terpenes profile. There was a hint of fruit to it, but it was much more reminiscent of your typical Haze strain.

Moreover, you will discover that this strain is a great strain to medicate with in the morning. It helps provide you with energy to get through the day without the racy effects that you would expect from other Sativa strains like Green Crack.

Maui Waui weed is greatly valued for its sweet, tropical taste. The initial toke will immediately fill the throat with sweet, citrus, and pineapple flavors. Then, the Sativa effects will kick in giving one a quick boost in mood, energy, and sociability.

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Maui Waui strain

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